Liwonde Crocodile Update: Hundreds of Hatchlings Spotted

Guests at Mvuu Camp and Lodge were recently treated to the rare sighting of nearly 100 day-old crocodile hatchlings, that were seen on a mud-bank in the Shire River.

Exciting new discoveries from African Bat Conservation

Over the last six months the team from African Bat Conservation have made some exciting discoveries in Liwonde National Park.

President Mutharika launches video clip against poaching and illegal wildlife trade

Malawi has again indicated its strong resolve to combat illegal wildlife trade, with the launch of a short film in support of the nation’s campaign to ‘Stop Wildlife Crime’.

Stand Up For Nature complete bicycle powered cinema project

Two Zoology students from the University of Exeter have recently finished undertaking an innovative bicycle powered cinema project in Malawi, reaching over 14,000 people with their film 'Stop Wildlife Crime, Protect Malawi’s Wildlife'.

Crocodile vs. Warthog

Guests staying at Mvuu Lodge recently were treated to front row seats for an exciting wildlife encounter involving a huge crocodile, a warthog and a hippo!

Green season delights at Nyika National Park

It’s the green season in Malawi which means the stunning landscapes of Nyika National Park become even more beautiful than ever!