Fresh new image collections for Mvuu & Mumbo by Juliet Lemon

We’ve refreshed our image library with lots of great photos by Juliet Lemon Photography. Juliet spent some time at our camps and a few other properties across Malawi, where she captured an array of striking photographs that beautifully portray the properties and their offering, as wel

Mvuu guests enjoy regular cheetah sightings and spot rare kill

Following our last update on the translocation of four cheetahs to Liwonde National Park in May, our guests are now being treated to regular sightings, with several back-to-back cheetah sightings reported in a single day, as well as an extremely rare sighting of one of the male cheeta

Central African Wilderness Safaris earns 2016 TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence for Mvuu Camp and Mvuu Lodge

Central African Wilderness Safaris today announced that both of its properties in Liwonde National Park – Mvuu Camp and Mvuu Lodge, have received TripAdvisor® Certificates of Excellence for 2016.

Exciting new discoveries from African Bat Conservation

Over the last six months the team from African Bat Conservation have made some exciting discoveries in Liwonde National Park.

Get to know Danger

Ever wanted to find out more about the guides who help make your safari experience so special? Here's some things you may not know about Danger, one of our guides at Mvuu.

Stand Up For Nature complete bicycle powered cinema project

Two Zoology students from the University of Exeter have recently finished undertaking an innovative bicycle powered cinema project in Malawi, reaching over 14,000 people with their film 'Stop Wildlife Crime, Protect Malawi’s Wildlife'.

African Parks get to work in Liwonde National Park

The future of Liwonde National Park under the management of African Parks is looking brighter than ever with work well underway on the fencing of the entire 130km perimeter of the Park.

CAWS guide Samuel Chihana recognised in global guide awards

We're delighted that CAWS guide Samuel Chihana has been recognised in the top 100 guides in the world as part of the 2016 tourHQ Global Guide Awards! Congratulations Samuel.

Crocodile vs. Warthog

Guests staying at Mvuu Lodge recently were treated to front row seats for an exciting wildlife encounter involving a huge crocodile, a warthog and a hippo!

Thatch’ll do nicely

It’s that time of year again when thoughts at Mvuu Camp turn to giving our chalets a short back and sides, or in other words, thatching! Find out what the maintenance team are up to.