Fresh new image collections for Mvuu & Mumbo by Juliet Lemon

We’ve refreshed our image library with lots of great photos by Juliet Lemon Photography. Juliet spent some time at our camps and a few other properties across Malawi, where she captured an array of striking photographs that beautifully portray the properties and their offering, as wel

Stand Up For Nature complete bicycle powered cinema project

Two Zoology students from the University of Exeter have recently finished undertaking an innovative bicycle powered cinema project in Malawi, reaching over 14,000 people with their film 'Stop Wildlife Crime, Protect Malawi’s Wildlife'.

African Parks get to work in Liwonde National Park

The future of Liwonde National Park under the management of African Parks is looking brighter than ever with work well underway on the fencing of the entire 130km perimeter of the Park.

Nanthomba School Kitchen Project gets the go ahead

Construction gets underway for the new Kitchen Project at Nathomba School by Liwonde National Park.