Sustainable travel that makes a difference – an overview of our CAWS operation

Focusing on the theme of ‘Sustainable Tourism for Development,’ this year’s World Tourism Day calls us to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable and responsible tourism, whilst mobilizing the global travel industry to work together in making tourism a catalyst for positive change. Remaining true to our passion of imparting a minimal impact on the planet and a lasting impact on people, Central African Wilderness Safaris (CAWS) has always strived to go the extra mile to contribute to the sustainable development of the country’s economic, social and environmental spheres. When you travel with CAWS, you become part of a profound ripple effect that helps uplift communities, bolster environmental protection and champion diverse cultural heritage. Here are a few ways by which we have tried to ensure the sustainability of our operation:


  1. Incorporating a ‘Tree with Every Trip’ into our travel offering


Through our ‘Tree with Every Trip’ initiative in partnership with Root to Fruit, we offer our guests the chance to add just USD 20 to their final travel bill, which goes towards planting a batch of 10 trees in Chintheche. This simple add-on is helping us to plant hundreds of trees on the northern lakeshore, which in turn helps to counter climate change, improve soil erosion, promote reforestation, as well as sustain the livelihoods of people living in this area.


  1. Running our camps in pristine areas according to the highest eco-tourism principles


Our camps which are located across the country, in pristine areas of wilderness have been built to blend effortlessly into their surrounding environment. Natural materials and environmentally sensitive operations combine to create facilities that run without harming their surroundings in any way. Necessary measures are taken to preserve an area’s natural state and minimize the ecological footprint of our operation. To witness first-hand our seamless green operation and eco-friendly practices in Liwonde National Park, guests can opt to try our ‘Back of House’ tour at Mvuu Camp.


  1. Working with conservation partners to support important environmental initiatives


We also do our part to champion the protection and conservation of Malawi’s wildlife. Operating in Malawi’s key areas of wilderness has opened the doorway for us to contribute to various environmental initiatives that span across the areas of conservation, rehabilitation and translocation. To date, we have supported and facilitated an array of national and regional environmental initiatives and milestones including working with African Parks, Peace Parks and the Government of Malawi to support projects such as the revival of Malawi’s cheetah population, the translocation of 500 elephants from Liwonde National Park and Majete Wildlife Reserve to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve and more recently, the translocation of elephants from Liwonde National Park to Nyika National Park.


  1. Supporting local communities


We place the people and the communities in which we operate in at the heart and core of our operation. In each of the areas where we operate, we strive to provide its local residents with employment and training opportunities, and collaborate with them on cultural excursions and activities where possible. Njobvu Cultural Village Lodge in Liwonde, is an example of a community-run project that we encourage our guests to visit whilst staying at Mvuu Camp and Lodge. All proceeds from the excursion go towards supporting various community needs.


  1. Grooming the next generation of environmental champions


By partnering with the Children in the Wilderness (CITW) programme, we are actively involved in nurturing and grooming the next generation of decision-makers and environmental champions who will take on the important role of caring for Malawi’s pristine areas and natural environment in the future. The environmental and life skills education programme is geared towards educating and inspiring youth living near our camps in Liwonde, Chintheche and Nyika and enabling them to become confident young leaders and the custodians of the country’s most pristine wilderness and wildlife areas.


About Central African Wilderness Safaris:

Central African Wilderness Safaris (CAWS) is an ecotourism company that offers the finest quality safari experiences and the ultimate holiday getaways in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa. CAWS offers both up-market tailor-made luxury safaris as well as more affordable budget safari options. The company is dedicated to offering personalised and authentic travel experiences that have a minimal impact on the planet and a lasting impact on people.

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