Sangwala Trail launched in Nyika National Park

Guests visiting Chelinda Camp and Lodge can now sign up for the Sangwala Trail – a three-day fully-catered trek that spans across 43kms of lush montane grasslands and woodlands. “Sangwala,” the name of the trail is derived from a combination of the names of the two overnight camps – Sangule & Zungwala.

On the first day of the trail, the hike starts from Chelinda Camp or Lodge and follows the road to Dam 3 from where the trail cuts southwest to Sangule, which is the first overnight camp. Guests have the option of having lunch en route or at Sangule, and then going for an afternoon walk. On day one, three streams are crossed and a total distance of 12kms is covered. Though there may be a few ups and downs, day one is generally not a strenuous day.

On day two, the trail follows the road until Lake Kaulime, from where it descends to the Zungwala River, which is site for the overnight camp. Covering a total distance of 15kms, day two, much like day one, may pose a few ups and downs but is not too taxing.

The third and final day is the most strenuous as well as the most adventurous part of the trail and involves a steep ascent from Zungwala to the western edge of the airstrip. Three streams are crossed during this sector of the trail. On this day, there is a choice of a distance of either 13kms or 16kms – the shorter route brings hikers back to Chelinda via cottage 3, whereas the longer route involves skirting the airstrip and plantation, arriving at Chelinda via the forest road between the camp and lodge.

The trail is priced at USD 350 per person and is fully-catered with three substantial meals per day with snacks and water available in between meals. Tents, sleeping bags, ground mattresses and all camping equipment are provided. A hot water shower and eco-toilet are set up at each overnight camp. Guests are only required to carry a small day bag of personal essentials with them.

The Sangwala trail offers many interesting features and hikers can expect to see antelopes such as Roan, Eland, Reedbuck, Bushbuck and Duiker. Zebras, warthogs, porcupines and many species of birds can also be seen, and if lucky, hikers can also enjoy sightings of Nyika’s elusive leopards.


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Photo credits: Caroline Culbert & Mike Myers

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