Prince Harry visits Liwonde National Park

In August, amidst the excitement that surrounded the elephant translocation that was underway in Liwonde National Park, Prince Harry visited Malawi and extended his support to the ‘500 Elephants’ initiative.

He worked closely with the African Parks team on-the-ground, who were facilitating the mammoth task of relocating the remainder of the 250 elephants selected for the transfer from Liwonde, to Nkotakota Wildlife Reserve. This is the second summer that Harry spent in the region, supporting important wildlife conservation initiatives that focus on protecting southern Africa’s wildlife and local communities.

An official announcement from the official website of the British Royal Family ( said: “One of the projects that he (Prince Harry) will work with is African Parks’ ‘500 elephants’  initiative, which will see one of the largest and most significant elephant translocations in conservation history. Up to 500 elephants will be moved to a wildlife reserve in central Malawi from two parks in the southern part of the country. The elephants are being moved to reduce pressure on the habitat and alleviate human wildlife conflict while helping to repopulate the local herd in their new home. In the future, the reserve may also help restore elephant populations in other parts of Africa, where numbers have significantly declined due to poaching.”

Photo Credit: The official website of the British Royal Family'