President Mutharika launches video clip against poaching and illegal wildlife trade


Malawi has again indicated its strong resolve to combat illegal wildlife trade, with the launch of a short film in support of the nation’s campaign to ‘Stop Wildlife Crime’, created in partnership by the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust and the Department of National Parks & Wildlife.

In the film, President H.E. Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika leads fifteen foreign Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Honorary Consuls to tell citizens, residents and visitors to Malawi that ivory trafficking in any form will not be tolerated.  It will be shown on national TV and on screens at the international airports and will be distributed online through social media channels. Missions backing the initiative are Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, Korea, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, the United States of America and Zambia. Belgium, Mozambique, and Italy have also pledged their support.

Malawi was recently exposed as a transit route and distribution hub for ivory traffickers and has been implicated in the biggest ivory seizures of all time. But it’s not just organised criminal syndicates that are exploiting the nation. Over 90 ivory cases have been recorded in the last 5 years, the majority being individuals found with small amounts of worked ivory like chop sticks, statues and jewellery, and many are foreign nationals. With an estimated 10% interception rate the true number is much higher. The illegal ivory trade is fuelling elephant poaching which, at current rates, will could lead to their extinction.

Help support Malawi’s campaign to Stop Wildlife Crime by watching and sharing this video, knowing the law and reporting any suspicious activity.


You can read the full story of the launch of the video from Mana Online here.