Picturesque landscapes coupled with spectacular wildlife sightings at Nyika National Park

We have approached slightly warmer months on the Nyika Plateau and the favourable weather conditions have induced the shooting of a colourful array of flowers, as well as lush green grasses. Over the past weeks, several guests visiting Chelinda Camp and Lodge remarked that the park’s montane grasslands, with its blanket of rich greenery interspersed with vividly coloured flowers, are reminiscent of Scotch and Welsh countryside.

Moreover, following last month’s spectacular sightings of Nyika’s elusive leopards, this month, guests continued to enjoy a series of leopard sightings near the Chosi Loop. In addition, guests also had the fortune of sighting an array of other predators including spotted hyenas, jackals and serval cats, most of which were spotted during exciting night game drives.

More recently, we had the pleasure of recording an extremely rare sighting of a young serval cub. The cub was spotted and captured on camera by one of our frequent guests – Alan Grimes from Baobab Travel.


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Photo credits: Dana Allen, Mike Myers & Alan Grimes (Owner of Baobab Travel)

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