Photography during the rains

Contributors: Paul Kilham & Stanford Siyangwe

With the start of the rainy season in Malawi, the country comes to life and the landscapes turn to bright hues of green and blue. The air becomes crisp and clear, and the views in and around the Great African Rift become vibrant and seemingly infinite. Meanwhile, in the country’s key areas of wilderness, the dynamics of many wildlife populations shift due to an abundance of water sources being available. With the crystal-clear air giving rise to bright and enhanced colours and hues across the country’s landscapes and horizons, the rainy season in Malawi is one of the best times of the year to capture the most striking landscape and wildlife photographs.

Located on the high-altitude Nyika Plateau in northern Malawi, Nyika National Park is regarded as one of the most iconic areas of wilderness in Africa. During the Green Season, the park’s vegetation and wildlife populations spring to life in all their glory and vigour, and the vast vistas atop the plateau become more picturesque than at any other time of the year. Situated amidst the park’s vast montane grasslands and wooded valleys, Chelinda Camp and Chelinda Lodge serve as the ideal bases to absorb and capture Nyika’s magnificent scenery.

Guests on safari in Nyika National Park during the rainy season can enjoy clicking scenic and dramatic photographs of rich, verdant landscapes interspersed with hundreds of species of vividly coloured orchids and wildflowers, complemented by captivating skylines. By using the appropriate camera settings, avid landscape photographers also have the opportunity to capture spectacular storm systems as they swirl in towards Chelinda.

Considered the most prolific wildlife area in Malawi, Liwonde National Park is one of the region’s best destinations to experience a wide variety of bird and wildlife species in their natural habitats. During the rainy season, the park is teeming with life and activity and many wildlife species can be seen traveling freely across the park’s lush floodplains and woodlands. Carefully designed to blend in with the park’s natural surroundings, Mvuu Camp and Mvuu Lodge offer a range of safari activities and adventures that allow guests to experience the best of the park during the Green Season. Whilst on safari during the Green Season, ardent wildlife photographers will have the opportunity to capture an array of incredible wildlife sightings, from rare migrant bird species preying on fish, to hundreds of crocodile hatchlings latched onto rocks and sand banks, or attempting their first swim in the Shire.

If water levels and the weather permit it, guests can also opt to visit one of two hides within the old rhino sanctuary, which provide the ideal cover for taking photographs from different perspectives.

More about the two hides:

At the hides, guests might not see much or they might see a considerable amount of activity. There are good chances of seeing black rhino, and in the evening guests are likely to spot some of the nocturnal animals that inhabit the park such as -serval, civet, genet, hyena and mongoose.  Elephants might also come down to the waterhole.

  • The “platform” hide   is 15 feet above a small waterhole.
  • The “eye level” hide is situated at ground level at a location which has recently been dug out to provide cleaner water and better fields of vision.


Green Season Photography Tips:

  • Let us know in advance if you are planning a photography safari, and our team will do their best to provide you with added space in our safari jeeps on all game drives and activities.
  • Conclude an adventurous day of safaris by capturing a spectacular Green Season sunset from one of the many excellent viewpoints on the plateau.
  • Try using time lapse and macro camera settings to capture drops of water as they fall off flowers, leaves, foliage or even spiderwebs. Water drops often contain beautiful reflections and colours unseen by the naked eye).


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Photo credits: Frank Weitzer, Mike Myers, CAWS Archive, Alan Grimes (Owner of Baobab Travel) & Dana Allen

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