Nanthomba School & Nandumbo Health Centre

HELP Malawi Collage

Nanthomba Full Primary School, the Nandumbo Health Centre and community engagement projects are initiatives that are currently facilitated by H.E.L.P. Malawi in Liwonde National Park. Central African Wilderness Safaris has had a long-standing partnership with H.E.L.P Malawi and continues to offer on-the-ground support to key projects where possible.

Inspired to build a school outside Liwonde National Park (where Mvuu Camp and Lodge are located) and provide education for the children of the area, three Mvuu employees worked tirelessly with Chris Badger, CAWS Managing Director and a Mvuu guest to create an award winning public school and health center.  Learn more about how a life altering excursion to Africa in 2006 formed H.E.L.P. Malawi, a registered nonprofit in the USA and NGO in Malawi.

Now serving a community of over 25,000 and providing the resources for learners to excel through primary school, secondary school and now tertiary school, H.E.L.P. Malawi works with valued partners to empower rural communities to build a pathway focused on education, healthcare and sustainability.

Nanthomba Full Primary School:

The school which is situated in Liwonde is the brainchild of three Mvuu Camp and Lodge employees; Matthews, Dinara and Mike who were inspired by the Children in the Wilderness programme to set up a small school. In 2006, the school was expanded after it received a generous donation from the Wolstein family and it is now funded by the  H.E.L.P Malawi project, supported by CAWS and managed by a Board of Trustees.

Nandumbo Health Centre (NHC):

Set up to meet the medical needs of the local community in Liwonde, this clinic offers a broad spectrum of services ranging from general health checks, to maternity care, HIV/ART treatment, antenatal services, family planning services and nutrition and dietary advice. The clinic provides youth-friendly health services, conducts monitoring in the area and provides immunization  services. Prior to the opening of the clinic, community members had to travel long distances to get basic medical assistance, now they have access to high-quality basic healthcare near their own homes, this has led to less fatalities and ensured the improved health and well-being of the community.

CAWS guests are welcome to visit the school and clinic to learn more about these two projects and H.E.L.P Malawi’s work in Liwonde National Park.