Mvuu guests treated to a Green Season birding weekend

Last month, we treated our Mvuu Camp & Lodge guests to an exciting Green Season birding weekend, where an array of birding safaris were conducted to explore the numerous bird species that inhabit Liwonde National Park during the rains. During the much-loved Green Season, Liwonde National Park is teeming with life, and guests visiting the park can expect to enjoy an endless series of bird sightings.

With the help of our well-trained guides, many avid birders, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts who participated in the birding weekend were able to tick off a wide variety of both resident and migrant bird species from their checklists. On the first day of the birding weekend, guests enjoyed trekking and driving across the park’s lush terrain, as well as cruising across the Shire River in search of Liwonde’s thriving bird populace. The weekend concluded with guests taking part in the park’s iconic annual wetland bird census, where they enjoyed incredible sightings of hundreds of birds flocking near the Mwalasi River mouth.

Over the course of the birding weekend, our guides guests on safari were able to record sightings of 130 bird species. A few of the sightings recorded whilst on safari included those of brown-breasted barbets, Allen’s gallinules, bat hawks, racket-tailed rollers, white-backed night herons, brown-hooded kingfishers, pallid harriers, African skimmers, white storks, black crake, wire-tailed swallows, African jacanas, waders, black-winged stilts, European bee-eaters, square-tailed nightjars, grey-headed gulls, gull-billed terns, whiskered terns, white-winged terns, African eagles, spur-winged lapwings, malachite kingfishers, as well as sightings of the extremely rare Pel’s fishing owl.

Other species spotted during the birding safaris and activities included golden-breasted bunting, speckle-throated woodpecker, ground hornbill, Livingstone’s flycatcher, red-necked falcon, marsh sandpiper, wood sandpiper, brown snake eagle, Lillian’s lovebird, cut-throat finch, red-headed weaver, saddle-billed stork, white-faced duck and black-crowned night heron. CAWS guides also reported several new sightings which they believed were spotted in Malawi for the first time.

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Photo credits: Abby Tochterman

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