Mvuu guests enjoy regular cheetah sightings and spot rare kill


Following our last update on the translocation of four cheetahs to Liwonde National Park in May, our guests are now being treated to regular sightings of cheetahs in close proximity to Mvuu Camp and Lodge. The very first sighting was reported in June, by several of our guests, guides and staff members. A cheetah was spotted lying on its side, resting in a tranquil, shady spot, near the Ntangai River.

More recently, we had the rare opportunity of enjoying several back-to-back cheetah sightings in a single day, where guests on all evening game drives conducted during the day had the pleasure of spotting a male cheetah relaxing nonchalantly near the banks of the Ntangai River. The predator was spotted less than 800 metres from Mvuu Camp around early evening, and nearly half an hour later, he was seen slowly moving north, towards Mvuu, after which our vehicles had left the site.

Last weekend, spectacular cheetah sightings concluded on a high note, when a guide and group of guests returning to the camp from their evening game drive, were treated to an extremely rare sighting of the same cheetah making a kill. At 1800, the large male cheetah was seen killing a bush buck, just 40 metres away from the main car park. As cheetahs are very nervous on a kill and this one was not used to spotlights, all guests were allowed a fleeting glimpse of the action before leaving the cheetah in peace to enjoy his meal.

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