Months of excellent elephant viewing at Mvuu Camp & Lodge

In the winter months of June and July, guests visiting Mvuu Camp and Lodge were able to enjoy spectacular sightings of Liwonde’s famous elephant herds gathering along the banks of the Shire. During these months, as the bush in the interior of the park dried up for the winter, large breeding herds of elephants could be seen moving west out of the woodland to the river. This trend continued throughout the winter season during which guests enjoyed consistent sightings of the westbound elephants.

The dry season which began in late August, has continued to yield excellent elephant viewing opportunities for Mvuu Camp and Lodge guests. As a result of the current low-river level of the Shire, guests are enjoying regular sightings of elephants moving together in large herds opposite and around the two properties, where they can be seen feeding on the grasses and trees left behind by the receding lagoon.

In addition, guests on boat safaris during the past month have enjoyed frequent sightings of large breeding herds of elephants drinking and playing in the water.


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Photo credits: Frank Weitzer, Barbara David-Andersen, Sharlene Hayton, Abby Tochterman & Meesh Peters

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