Travel with CAWS and reduce your impact on the planet

When you travel with Central African Wilderness Safaris, you can rest assured that we are doing our part to reduce our impact on the planet, so your holiday and journey will be a truly “green getaway”. Here are a few ways that we make our operation more environmentally-friendly:

  • You can plant a tree with us (or a few) to help offset the carbon emissions that may be generated from your travels

Through our ‘Tree with Every Trip’ initiative in partnership with Root to Fruit, we offer our guests the chance to add just USD 2 to their travel bill, which goes towards planting a tree in Chintheche. This simple add-on is helping us to plant hundreds of trees on the northern lakeshore, and support the reforestation of this area:

  • Water, energy and waste management matter to us

We follow strict water and energy consumption and waste management protocols. Our camps are located in some of the country’s most pristine areas of wilderness, and we take special precautions to ensure that we protect these areas. We use generators along with solar power to make the most of renewable energy sources, we ensure that all waste (kitchen, toilet and general) is disposed of in the correct manner in dedicated areas. We re-use water from the kitchens where possible to water our vegetable gardens. Even our lighting and boat engines have been specially selected to as they use minimal fuel and energy, yet are still efficient. If you’re visiting Mvuu Camp and Mvuu Lodge anytime soon, you can opt to go on our ‘Back of House’ tour to find out more about our waste and resource management practices.

  • We are passionate about recycling and reusing

We do our best to recycle materials and reuse them where possible. All of the shampoos and soaps at our camps are biodegradable and we use glass shampoo bottles that we can constantly clean and refill instead opting for disposable plastic options. We also find creative ways to recycle materials, all papers from our offices and camps are given to Children in the Wilderness and H.E.L.P Malawi for recycling, any plastic water bottles that are used are given to teachers to use in children’s school projects. Wine bottles, jars and tins are given to staff members and members of the local community to use as well.

  • We support the next generation of environmental and conservation champions

We host the annual Children in the Wilderness (Malawi) camps at our properties to encourage the youth in the areas that we operate in, to be passionate about protecting the planet and their natural surroundings.  Our properties also serve as the base for CITW follow-up programmes and we also work with local schools in the area, especially in Liwonde National Park and Nyika National Park.

  • We support conservation projects in our areas:

We’ve always taken great pride in supporting important conservation initiatives in the areas where our camps are located. In Liwonde National Park, we support the Black Rhino Conservation Project by providing on-the-ground support and offering a black rhino walk to our guests at Mvuu Camp and Lodge. The activity enables them to learn about the characteristics, behavior and plight of the black rhino in Malawi, whilst generating funds to run the project. Our team has also offered support for importance conservation projects such as African Parks’ ‘500 Elephants’ initiative, which was one of the largest elephant translocation initiatives of its kind in the world. At Chintheche Inn, our property is the base of the Root to Fruit tree seedling nursery, which has played a key role in the reforestation of the northern lakeshore. From the Inn, we facilitate educational awareness sessions about the importance of planting trees and actively engage with communities to grow and plant an array of tree seedlings and fruit trees.

Central African Wilderness Safaris offers authentic and personalized travel experiences that have a minimal impact on the planet and a lasting impact on people. We do our very best to ensure that our guests’ travels and overall business tread lightly on the planet, however we also do our best to give back to the planet through our projects, programmes, policies and protocols. To find out more about how you can book a ‘Green Holiday’ in Malawi with Central African Wilderness Safaris and learn more about our environmentally-friendly eco-tourism practices, e-mail;'