Green season delights at Nyika National Park

It’s the green season in Malawi which means the stunning landscapes of Nyika National Park become even more beautiful than ever! The ample rainfall experienced at this time of year on the Nyika Plateau turns the rolling hills and grasslands that are so characteristic of the area myriad shades of green. Wild mushrooms, alpine flowers and orchids add colour and vibrancy.   Nyika is a botanists’ paradise and, owing to its protected status, endemic flora flourishes in the national park with around 200 species of orchids found there, including 11 localised species.

A recent guest at Chelinda Lodge was lucky enough to enjoy this rare sighting of a tiny dwarf Chameleon on a beautiful Disa Robust orchid! Despite the rain, visitors to our camp and lodge continue to report fantastic wildlife sightings including large herds of Eland and Roan antelope, zebras, side striped jackals, porcupines, spotted hyenas and leopards, which are found at Nyika in one of the highest densities across Central Africa.