Get to know Blessings Munthali

We know how important guides can be to the success, or otherwise, of a safari activity and we’re proud of the high quality of our team of guides at Central African Wilderness Safaris.  Here’s some things you may not know about Blessings Munthali.

Name: Blessings Munthali

Position: Guide

Lodge: Chelinda Camp and Lodge

Length of time worked for CAWS: Since 2012

What I love most about my job: The part of my job I love the most is having the opportunity to explain what I know about nature to the guests that I guide on the Nyika. So I have to make sure that I am always increasing and improving my knowledge. I also enjoy listening to other people’s stories and learning from them.

The most interesting sighting / experience I have had: The most interesting sighting I have had during my time as a guide was of a leopard and a hyena ambushing each other on a night drive. This was an unusual occurrence and very interesting for me and my guests to observe.

An interesting fact about myself: An interesting fact about myself is that my dreams have come true. When I was a young boy at school I was very interested in wildlife and conservation and at that stage I had already decided to make a career in nature conservation. I am very fortunate that I can now live my dream and spend my time explaining the wonders of nature to my guests.