Get to know Whyte Mhone

Whyte Mhone

We know how important guides can be to the success, or otherwise, of a safari activity and we’re proud of the high quality of our team of guides at Central African Wilderness Safaris.  Here’s some things you may not know about Chelinda’s Whyte Mhone.

Full Name: Whyte Mhone.

Position: Head guide at Chelinda Camp & Lodge, Nyika National Park.

Length of time employed at CAWS: I have worked for the company since 2010 but before that worked for Wilderness Safaris on a seasonal contract from 2008 at Mvuu Camp.

What I love best about my job: I love this job because it maintains and improves my knowledge about nature. It also gives me a chance to meet and get to know people from different countries and cultures. They arrive as guests and leave as friends! I also learn from them, which I enjoy a lot. These are the reasons why I switched from food & beverage to guiding.

Most memorable sighting or experience: The most interesting sighting was when I was serving drinks to my guests at Chosi view (in Nyika National Park) during a sunset tour, with a leopard watching us calmly from 10 metre away. I have also seen a female leopard kill a big male bush buck near the camping site. I really enjoy the different activities I can do, apart from game drives, such as fly-fishing, mountain biking, walking / birding safaris and the 3 day Livingstonia trail, which includes camping out overnight, and passing through some of the villages in the Park.

Interesting fact about myself: The most interesting thing about myself is to work in a park where my parents were born and raised. This was the time before Nyika was a National Park. My father tells me stories about the traditional ways of hunting such as using log traps, netting traps and wild vegetables and fruits. I share these stories with my guests and regard it as my inheritance which I promise to share with the next generation.