Get to know Danger

CAWS guide Danger with CBeebies presenter

We know how important guides can be to the success, or otherwise, of a safari activity and we’re proud of the high quality of our team of guides at Central African Wilderness Safaris.  Here’s some things you may not know about Danger.

Name: Danger.  My unusual name is due to my uncle who, at the time of my birth, worked in the mines in South Africa.  His work in the mine was quite hazardous and many a time he encountered risky situations.  When asked to name his nephew, my uncle wanted a name that stood for all that he experienced in the mines and so named me Danger.

Position: Safari guide at Mvuu Camp and Lodge, Liwonde National Park.

Length of time employed at CAWS: I have worked at Mvuu for 17 years. After starting work as a night guard I quickly saw the potential of becoming a fully qualified safari guide, completed my guide training and am now one of the most experienced guides at CAWS.

What I love best about my job: When I came to Mvuu as a guard I quickly became fascinated with nature as I had never been in a national park before.  Now it’s fantastic because I get to do a job I love that allows me to be out in the bush every day. I love the walking and boat safaris, you get to see so much and to see the animals really close because they are so relaxed.

Most memorable sighting or experience: I worked in Nyika National Park for 8 months during 2010 which I really enjoyed. I love the landscape up there, it’s so beautiful and the flowers and orchids that grow there really are amazing.   The three-day walking safaris from Nyika to Livingstonia on the Livingstonia Trail are incredible, you get to see such wonderful scenery! It was on my return from Nyika that I really started to push for walking safaris here in Liwonde and now we regularly take guests out on bush walks.

An interesting fact about myself: I have been on UK television! Me and my daughter Glory were filmed at Liwonde National Park for a TV show called My Pet and Me for the UK children’s TV channel CBeebies. We helped the presenters to track elephants and understand Malawi’s wildlife.  It was a good experience for us both.

Watch the behind the scenes video from the My Pet and Me team: