Fresh new image collections for Mvuu & Mumbo by Juliet Lemon

We’ve refreshed our image library with lots of great photos by Juliet Lemon Photography. Juliet spent some time at our camps and a few other properties across Malawi.

During her stay at Mvuu Camp & Lodge, Juliet captured an array of striking photographs that beautifully portray the two properties and their offering, as well as the spectacular wilderness and vibrant community and culture of Liwonde National Park.

Juliet also spent some time at Mumbo Island Camp where she snapped an interesting collection of photographs that perfectly capture the secluded, pristine wilderness, as well as the relaxed and laid-back nature of Mumbo Island.

The collections are now available in our image library, and you can view Juliet Lemon’s impressive portfolio by visiting her website:


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Photo credits: Juliet Lemon

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