Emma & Emma raise over MK 1,000,000 for CITW

Earlier this year, Emma Badger and Emma Bryant set out on a mission to raise GBP 1,000 worth of funds for the children of CITW, a project that CAWS has supported for decades. These young ladies took on the grueling and extremely physically demanding task of canoeing and running a total distance of 125 miles over four days for the Devizes-Westminster Canoe Marathon ( a race which is part of a 70-year old tradition). Their tireless efforts combined with the support they garnered from their school Lord Wandsworth College, yielded a remarkable total of GBP 1,414 (MK 1,334,747), for the programme, exceeding their personal target.

A substantial amount of funds were raised via Emma and Emma’s GoFundMe campaign for the race, and a significant contribution was also made by Lord Wandsworth College. The school selected CITW as the beneficiary charity for their fundraising ‘Mufti Day’. Symon Chibaka, the Programme Coordinator of CITW, said: “The CITW programme in Malawi is extremely grateful for the contribution that Emma and Emma have made, and we are also thankful to Lord Wandsworth College for their support. The funds that were raised will be utilised to sponsor the secondary school education of young girls living in the rural areas of Liwonde and Chintheche. By September this year, beneficiaries will be identified and enrolled in a scholarship programme under a dedicated ledger written under the names of both students – Emma Badger and Emma Bryant.”

These donations will support several young girls who may have otherwise dropped out of secondary school due to the lack of resources and funds. They will now be able to continue their secondary school education and reach their full potential, whilst securing a brighter and more secure future.Emmaaaaaaaaa-4

Children in the Wilderness is a non-profit organisation that facilitates sustainable conservation through the education and leadership development of children in Africa. It is an educational programme for children and youth which focuses on grooming the next generation of decision-makers and leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to care for their natural heritage and to become the future custodians of these pristine areas of wilderness and nature. To date, CITW has provided scholarships to a total of 450 children and youth since 2006. There are currently 105 children who have been enrolled in secondary school on a CITW educational scholarship.

If you’d still like to contribute to Emma and Emma’s efforts to support CITW, please click here.