Conservation & Community

Where does the tourist dollar go? Do we walk the walk?

We offer personalised travel experiences that have a minimal impact on the planet and a lasting impact on people.

Central African Wilderness Safaris offers an array of holiday, travel and safari experiences in Malawi

Malawi is often recognised as one of the poorest counties in the world. A largely rural population lives in an environment that is daily less capable of sustaining it. The population is steadily increasing and is reliant on dwindling reserves of firewood, water and fish. Working in the wonderful protected areas and National Parks of Malawi is a privilege, a responsibility and a leap of faith.

Anyone in business in Malawi has to be aware of this reality and ask him- or herself: “Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?” If we are to survive, and thrive, our fate is unavoidably linked to the fate of Malawi. Simply put, commercial reality and environmental imperative mean that we must strive to be part of the solution. There is no long-term alternative. The mountains, National Parks, water sources and forests of our wondrous part of Africa are merely competing with other forms of land use. Tourism is the way forward for their long-term protection and sustainable survival.
Our research (more information) shows that the 102 employees of Mvuu sustain extended families of 1200. At each of our lodges we pay substantial concession fees to the government. Our groundbreaking initiatives with Children in the Wilderness and HELP Malawi at Nanthomba School were started to try to give the attending children a better chance of living in balance with the environment and being the conservation leaders of tomorrow. None of this is possible if the business is not vigorous. So exactly what is our philosophy? Is it all about making money, or is it about trying to make a difference in Malawi?