Nanthomba School kids at the education centre at Mvuu Camp

School children enjoy wildlife safari at Mvuu Camp

Children in the Wilderness (CITW) recently said thank you to some its dedicated Eco Club members at Nanthomba Primary School with a trip to Mvuu Camp in Liwonde National Park. Eco Club organiser Orsi Bedo tells us how it went.
Jessa with Nanthomba School kids

Cycling with elephants, kids with birds in their pockets; just a normal day for a H.E.L.P teacher!!

We asked H.E.L.P team member Jessa Herron, who is based at Mvuu Camp, to tell us more about the daily life of a teacher at Nanthomba Primary School. Here's what she told us;
Wildlife vet Amanda Salb

Wildlife vet Amanda Salb chats with Central African Wilderness Safaris

Following last months rhino capture, we caught up with wildlife vet Amanda Salb who gave us some insight into what it takes to do her job, and how exactly you manage to fit horn transmitters to a 1400 kg animal!?!

Rhino Capture in Liwonde National Park

October saw the capture of two of Liwonde National Parks most elusive rhinos; Jabesi and Namandanje, who became the last of the parks rhino population to be fitted with VHF transmitters. To date Jabesi and Namandanje have eluded capture due to their...
White bellied house bat

African Bat Conservation discover new bat species for Malawi

In just their first few weeks of trapping the African Bat Conservation have found a new species for Malawi - the beautiful white-bellied house bat (Scotophilus leucogaster), alongside an extremely rare species the light winged lesser house bat (Scotoecus ablofucus)!

CAWS Malawian mountain bike adventure, 2014

Central African Wilderness Safaris new fleet of mountain bikes were recently put to the test, when a team of riders from Europe braved the Malawian summer heat to take part in the Blantyre to Nkhoma mission bike tour. Team rider Richard Slater was there to give a firsthand account