Annual CITW Camp hosted successfully at Chelinda Camp

We are pleased to report that the annual CITW camp season which was conducted last month at Chelinda Camp ended on a resoundingly successful note. This year’s camp marked CITW’s 15th year of hosting annual camps. This year, the camp hosted 20 Eco-Club members from Chelinda and Thazima Primary Schools, providing them with an engaging and enriching learning experience over the course of five days.

The group of campers comprised 12 girls and 8 boys, who had been recruited based on the criteria that they are active Eco-Club members and that they are pupils studying in grade 5, 6 or 7, aged between 11 and 13 years. Governed by the central theme – ‘We will manage a poaching-free generation,’ the campers engaged in an array of in-depth discussions and gained a broader understanding of poaching and its disastrous outcomes on our natural heritage.

Keeping to the camp’s general objective of creating a sanctuary of learning networks in a safe and supportive environment, as well as the CITW programme’s overall aim of facilitating sustainable conservation through leadership development, this year’s curriculum included important areas of concentration such as the conservation of wildlife and natural resources, life skills and leadership development, health and nutrition, as well as sports, fun and mixed learning. To further enhance the young campers’ learning experience, CITW invited mentors from an array of fields and professional backgrounds including teachers, medical technicians, wildlife conservationists, university students and CAWS guides.

On the final day of the camp, a special activity called ‘My pledge to our Earth’ was organized, where every camper was called to share what they have learned and taken away from the camp and how they plan to implement those lessons and teachings in their daily lives. The camp concluded with a graduation and awards ceremony where each camper was awarded with a certificate of participation.


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Photo credits: CITW Archive

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